Audio Transfer Service

Audio Transfer Service

Do you have old recordings you can no longer play?  Analog tapes and records deteriorate with age and become fragile.  We can transfer these recordings to a new digital format you can play on modern devices.  If you don't take steps to preserve these recordings, they may be lost forever.

Maybe you no longer have a turntable, or a cassette player, or open reel player.

We can help.  Let us transfers these recordings for you before it's too late.  We offer Audio CDs of your recordings, USB Flash Drives, or direct digital download MP3 files.

We can transfer audio from any of these formats:

Vinyl LP (33 1/3 RPM)

Vinyl Single (45 RPM)

Audio Cassette (Compact Cassette)

Micro Cassette

Open Reel Tape 1/4"

Broadcast Cart Tapes

8 Track Tapes

Midi Discs

DAT Digital Audio Tapes

Other formats may be available upon request, contact us for details.

33 RPM LP Transfer Service

33 RPM LP Transfer Service

Somerset Audio will transfer your audio from it's old analog format, to a new digital version. ..


45 RPM "Single" Transfer Service
8 Track Tape Transfer Service
Audio CD Transfer Service
Broadcast Cart Transfer Service
Cassette Transfer Service
DAT Tape Transfer Service
Mini Disc Transfer Service
Reel to Reel Tape Transfer Service
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